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Are You Ready to Relax?

Many business professionals, families, and retired individuals carry a heavy load with work, family, a social life, and chores. Having another helping pair of hands that you can trust, may help to alleviate your stress. I understand that every individual’s needs are different, so I can customize my personal assistant services to fit your specific wants. With plenty of experience, there is no “i” we can’t dot and no “t” we can’t cross.

Are You Ready to Relax?

Are You Ready to Relax?

Business Concierge Services

"You wear enough hats; let me take one off your hands."

It’s no secret that time is our most valuable source. While juggling meetings, family, and a social life, you may find yourself wasting time trying to schedule everything. Let a professional take care of those time-consuming details so that you can continue with your life in more relaxed manner.

Personal Assistant

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Arrange meetings
  • Manage calendar, daily reminders
  • Customer service calls
  • Client gifts
  • local errands; banking, cleaners,etc.
  • Deliver office lunch
  • Shop for office supplies and equipment
  • Coordinate out of town client accommodations and transportation
  • Personal shopping online
  • Coordinate personal and business travel and transportation with local agent, create itinerary
  • Book dining, theater, personal activities such as golf and tennis

Home Management

  • Home organization
  • Manage home projects
  • Moving coordinator services
  • Coordinate maintenance and repair and wait services
  • Solicit price quotes from vendors for home improvements/repairs
  • Home staff screening and interview
  • Vacation services; manage property while you are out of town

Web Research

  • Research information on a specific topic
  • Property research
  • Source goods and services; gifts, travel, home furnishings, and other personal items
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Personal & Home Concierge Services

"Let us manage your daily life – so that you can have one!"

Many families these days are working hard to establish a work-life balance. With a never-ending list of chores and children to take care of, sometimes, time off can just be a distant memory. Having a personal assistant to help manage your daily life will alleviate your stress and finally free up your time for more fun and family!

Personal Time Management

  • Schedule personal appointments
  • Manage calendar,daily reminders
  • Local errands
  • Personal online shopper
  • Book dining and theater
  • Coordinate family activities
  • Coordinate travel with local agent and create itinerary
  • Help coordinate private events
  • Home office year-end filing
  • Banking

Home Management

  • Solicit quotes from vendors for household items
  • Wait and logistics for service providers
  • Away services (manage property while you are out of town, water, mail, etc.)
  • Moving coordinator services
  • Manage home projects

Web Research

  • Research information on a specific topic
  • Source goodsand services
  • Travel
  • Clothing, gifts
  • Event venues
  • Classes and activities
  • Property research
  • Research the value of items you may want to sell

Learn Why The Resource is the Only Choice!

Learn Why The Resource is the Only Choice!

Senior Assistance

"We specialize in good old-fashioned personal assistance!"

Many seniors are at the point in their life where a little help is needed now and again. Now is the time to enjoy life without worrying about the responsibilities. Let me help you manage your daily life so you can fill your hours with the people you love and the activities you enjoy! Listed below are some of the services I can provide for you. Additional services are available upon request.

Personal Assistance

  • Schedule appointments; doctors,salon, car repair, you name it
  • Manage appointment and activity calendar, daily reminders
  • Communicate on your behalf; doctors, service providers,etc
  • Meal delivery 
  • Local errands; grocery shopping, banking
  • Coordinate companion care and post operative care
  • Bill paying
  • Personal online shopping 
  • Help get you set up online for home deliveries, toiletries,and other home items
  • Organize insurance claims
  • Year end filing and tax paper organization

Home Management

  • Schedule home services
  • Solicit quotes from vendors; home improvements and repairs
  • Home personnel screening and interview
  • Moving assistance
  • Vacation services; manage property while you are out of town

Web Research

  • Source goods and services for home and personal
  • Household items and services
  • Medical services, equipment and supplies
  • Insurance
  • Travel
  • Local classes and activities
  • Clothing and gifts
  • Event venues
  • Property research
  • Research the value of items you want to sell
Retirement Assistant, Retirement Assistant Services


"Reduce stress for you and your clients"

As we all know, the escrow process can be quite stressful for both the realtor and the client. The realtor needs to utilize their assistant, which can take away from the other services that you need completed. In addition, most people are working and cannot take the time off work to handle what is required when moving in or out of a house. This is why we offer a MOVE-IN COORDINATOR for you and your client.

Coordinate Required Pre-Closing Repairs On Property

  • Get estimates
  • Wait and logistics services for repairs

Coordinate Move

  • Provide estimates for movers
  • Set up moving date
  • Referrals  for packing, storage and estate sale companies

Coordinate Pre Move-In Maintenance & Repairs

  • Get estimates for carpet cleaning, maid, painter, landscaping,  etc.
  • Wait and logistics for all maintenance and repairs

Coordinate Settling In Services

  • Call to set up utilities (gas, electricity and water)
  • Coordinate installation and services (cable, phone, waste and appliances)
  • Coordinate delivery of additional items
  • Wait services for all service providers and installations

Day of Move

  • Meet movers at property and oversee move